National Fire Prevention Month 2022

National Fire Prevention Month 2022

For the month of October 2022 Thompson Safety promotes safety awareness by celebrating Fire Prevention Month!

It may seem counter-intuitive, but preventable fire-related deaths go up during the coldest months of the year (National Safety Council, 2022). Often, we see an increase in fire-related deaths as people head inside and turn up the heat to stay warm. In 2020, 3,500 civilians and 62 firefighters lost their lives in fires in the United States.

Increased awareness, education, and preparedness are the best ways to lower these numbers. October is national Fire Prevention Month. It's a great way to boost awareness of fire risk, prevention, and what to do when a fire occurs.

Here are some things you can start doing today to protect your employees and facility from fire:

Emergency Exit Planning

Training for an Emergency

Emergencies often elicit a natural human response of fight, flight, or freeze. Training your employees on how to use fire extinguishers and conducting evacuation drills helps ensure that if an emergency happens, they don’t panic because they know what to do. (Click Here to learn more about Fire Protection Training)

Also, creating clear, well-thought-out emergency exit plans and maps allow untrained staff and visitors to know how to respond during an emergency. Clearly marking fire extinguishers, exit routes, emergency exits, and evacuation/muster points can also save crucial time during an emergency. (Click Here to learn more about Emergency Preparedness Training)

Hazard Assessment

Fire needs heat, oxygen, and a fuel source to start. If you remove one of the three, you can extinguish or prevent a fire. During fire hazard assessments, look for areas where these three elements can come together unexpectedly. For example, if employees smoke near a dumpster filled with cardboard, that's a fire waiting to happen.

Fire Extinguisher/Emergency Equipment Selection and Placement

Every facility and home should have fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors in high-risk locations like kitchens, garages, and storage areas.

Always consider the type of fire risk before choosing a fire extinguisher. For example, a type D fire extinguisher may be better suited for a welding shop with flammable metals than a general-purpose ABC extinguisher.

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Monthly/Annual Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers and Emergency Equipment

You want to ensure your equipment works when your or someone’s loved ones life is on the line. That's why checking and performing regular maintenance on emergency equipment like fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, emergency exit doors, and emergency lights is so important. (Click Here to learn more about Fire Extinguisher Services)

"Facilities often remember their Annual Inspections but forget the importance of monthly inspections on their Fire Extinguishers and Emergency Equipment. So much can happen in 12 months; you have to be prepared for anything. Fire Extinguishers are the last line of defense when escaping a growing fire, and regularly scheduled checks in conjunction with hands-on training is the best way to ensure your employee’s safety and survival.”

-Wendy Galland, Vice President of Sales

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When it comes to fire, seconds count, and preparedness can mean the difference between escaping safely or a preventable tragedy. Thompson Safety is dedicated to providing you with the products, services, and resources to keep you, your employees, and your facility safe from fire.

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