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Thompson Safety is actively searching for like-minded fire protection and first aid business partners to join us in the next chapter of growth. WE ARE NOT one of the big consolidators. Our goal is to give owners and operators an opportunity to cement their legacy within a culture that values what they have created, learns from their existing capability, and delivers additional value to their customers and owner/operators.

At Thompson Safety we are passionate about our customers, and our goal is to partner with businesses that feel the same way. Through this relentless customer focus and a culture of "small business mentality/big business capability", we have been able to deliver for our customers, employees, and partners. We are looking for companies and people to help us write the next chapter!

"We have been competing with Thompson Safety in the Houston market for years, and have always admired the competition. While they were not the only company we considered, they were ultimately the best fit to carry the Sterling Safety torch into the future for our customers and staff. We look forward to working with the Thompson Safety team to become the partner of choice for First Aid, Fire Protection, and Safety services in Houston, TX." - Sterling Kirk, Founder & CEO

Core Benefits

Building on an Existing Legacy

In the fire protection and safety space, when partnering with one of the major consolidators, companies can become just a number on an annual or quarterly report. This can lead to loss of identity, company culture, and can often leave legacies and people behind. Our goal as a partner is to allow owners and operators the flexibility to continue doing what they do best by building off their existing legacy, skillsets, and people. We want owners to continue to do what they do best in running successful businesses, with the added support and capabilities that partnering with Thompson Safety brings.

Explosive Growth Opportunities

As an SMB in the fire and safety space we have a huge runway for expanded geography, service capability and customer cross sell opportunities. Whether you're focused in a region of the country or an expert on a narrower product offering, we have opportunities for you to implement your talents across a wider organization, cross sell against a large customer base, and expand your product lines in your existing footprint. No two partnerships are alike, and we want to work with you to design that path.

Delivering Value to Customers and Owner/Operators

We recognize that businesses are often at different places along their journey and can want different things out of a partnership. At Thompson Safety, we value and understand that, and pride ourselves in being flexible in crafting deals that fit each business owner’s goals. Whether you are looking to exit the business entirely or find a partner to help you go faster for the next 5 years, we offer a variety of plans that fit the strategic vision of your organization.

Platform of Support

One of the major inhibitors to growth we see is owner/operators who get bogged down by the multitude of back office functions. As a business owner we understand putting your customers first and keeping your service quality high is critical to success. That is why we have put together a platform of support to help you grow. Our back office staff is here to help your team with key functions like Human Resources, Banking, Technology, Marketing, Collections, AP and AR. By centralizing these process we can deliver these services to your business so you can focus on your customers.

About Us

Thompson Safety is a full-service safety company, headquartered in Houston, TX with national service capability. We supply first aid, fire protection, safety supplies & PPE, AED, eyewash, and training services onsite, helping safety and EHS professionals more efficiently manage their programs. Since our founding in 2018 we have grown to over 5,000 customers nationwide and are the fastest growing first aid, fire and safety provider in America (as recognized by Inc 5000). We believe that by partnering with us we can continue to build on your legacy and deliver a service unlike anything else out there.

Contact Information

Whit Shofner, Corporate Development

Email: [email protected]

Cell: 931-247-3874