About Us

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Our belief is by pairing excellent service with today’s technology, we can help you deliver a first aid and safety program that is more efficient, more affordable and ultimately keeps your employees safe.

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Thompson Safety® is a full-service safety company, based in Houston, TX. Thompson Safety supplies first aid, safety supplies & PPE, AED, eyewash, fire extinguisher and training services onsite, helping safety and EHS professionals more efficiently manage their safety programs.

The Beginning

In 2018 Thompson Safety opened for business with a group of safety professionals, including founder Tommy Thompson, with a vision to become a nationwide leader in the safety services market. We firmly believe that superior people and service coupled with today’s technology would transform the industry. It is no surprise to any EHS professional that innovation in safety services is rare, but our team embraces this challenge and does so by living out our Core Tenants:

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Our Values

  • Our People
  • Our Service Execution
  • Our Communication
  • Our Technology
  • Our Compliance & Quality
  • Our Account Management

Our customers drive our decisions and 100 percent satisfaction is our goal. We understand the urgency in today’s competitive market; and we are accessible anytime/anywhere. We know trust is the cornerstone of every successful partnership, and we focus on being trustworthy and having integrity in every facet of our business. We are open and honest and promise pro-active communication. Lastly, we are going to work with you to get things right the first time through questioning, analyzing, planning and following through on what we say.

By putting our clients first, dedicating ourselves to service, and constantly implementing value-added technology, we will help our customers achieve their safety goals while becoming the preferred service provider in the industry.