Emergency & Exit Lighting Services

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When an emergency or power outage occurs, the proper functioning of your exit and emergency lighting becomes vital. It serves as a means of egress for a quick and safe exit, helping to avoid injuries amid the chaos.

Emergency Exit Lighting Sign and Lights

Ensuring compliance with NFPA 101 regulations is essential, and our monthly and annual inspections are here to assist you. By entrusting us with your inspections, you can focus on your business operations while we help you take care of this critical aspect of your safety program.

Annual and Monthly Inspections

In most jurisdictions, two types of inspections are required for all exit and emergency lighting. The first type is a monthly visual/push test, which serves the purpose of confirming the operational status and direction of the lights. Additionally, it helps to validate that, at the time of inspection, the battery will activate when the light loses power.

The second type is an annual inspection, often known as a "90-minute test" or a "load test" in certain jurisdictions. The primary objective of this inspection is to assess whether the backup battery can maintain lighting for the necessary duration (typically 90 minutes) during a power outage or emergency situation. Both inspections are mandated by NFPA 101; however, we recommend always consulting your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to understand acceptable testing and inspection methods.

How The Service Works

  • Facility Walkthrough: onsite assessment to determine the number/type/location of exit lights based on the square footage, specific hazards, exits and path of egress
  • Inspections: based on the facility walkthrough we determine the appropriate service/maintenance program to continue or bring your equipment up to code.
  • Service Interval: establish the appropriate service frequency, which will depend on the specific equipment being maintained and local requirements.
  • Documentation: provide thorough documentation of all services performed, notations and deficiencies, in written or digital formats.
  • Invoicing: multiple payment and billing options for your convenience.
  • Ongoing Support: 24/7 customer service and account access

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