Fire Alarm Systems

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The routine inspection, maintenance, and repair of your fire alarm panel and detection devices are critical for the safety of both your personnel and property. We offer an extensive array of services for a diverse range of systems, this helps you ensure your alarm is prepared to give notification when an emergency strikes.

Fire Alarm Panel on Testing Mode

We offer a broad range of annual and semi-annual inspections, as well as sensitivity testing for your detection devices. Our full-service inspections encompass evaluations of your main control panel, auxiliary functions, and detection devices.

Through these thorough inspections, we aim to provide you with insight into the health of your system. Should we identify any deficiencies, we will promptly notify you as well as address and repair them to help you ensure your system remains operational.

How The Service Works

  • Facility Walkthrough: conduct an equipment survey to determine the type, size and details of the existing system.
  • Inspection: based on the survey we determine the appropriate inspection, maintenance, repair needed to bring your equipment up to code.
  • Repair: if repairs are needed, those will be quoted and preformed in a timely manner to bring your system back online or up to code.
  • Service Interval: establish the appropriate service frequency, which will depend on the specific equipment being maintained and local requirements.
  • Documentation: provide thorough documentation of all services performed, repairs, notations and deficiencies, in written and digital formats.
  • Invoicing: multiple payment and billing options for your convenience.
  • Ongoing support: 24/7 customer service and account access

NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code

NFPA is the authority that develops the guidelines for fire alarm and signaling systems. Notably, NFPA 72 lays out the standards and regulations related to the inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire alarm and signaling systems. In the United States, many fire alarm systems require annual and semi-annual inspections per these guidelines, though some jurisdictions might demand more frequent checks based on this standard.

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