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In just 6 short years, Thompson Safety has expanded into 20 locations, becoming the fastest-growing first aid and safety company in North America. Our aggressive, customer-centric service, combined with our business and budget-friendly programs, has made us the service provider of choice. But don't just take our word for it; see what our customers have to say.

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Our aggressive, customer-centric, service combined with our business and budget friendly programs have made us the service provider of choice, but don't just take our word for it see what our customers have to say:

Customer Reviews

Comcast Cable

“We have worked closely with the professionals at Thompson Safety for many years. To us, their brand is problem solving. Any safety related problem that I’ve shared with my representative gets a quick set of great options because they are a team of very experienced professionals. Thompson Safety provides cost effective and quickly sourced solutions that have reduced the risk to our employees, our customers and the environment.”

Thomas R. Baker, CSP, Comcast Cable, West Division

Veritiv Corporation

"Having worked with different providers in the past, I know what qualities to look for in a safety partner. Thompson Safety not only offers premium services and extensive product selections, they have the best prices in the market. In my industry, speed, dependability, and trust are key— it’s been extremely refreshing working with a company that shares those same values.

Their SafetyWorks program is a complete gamechanger. I told them which products I want stocked each month and my Thompson Safety service representative does the rest. Since the price never changes, I don’t have to worry if I’m being charged for stuff I don’t want. They also service my eyewash stations, make sure my AED’s are rescue-ready, and they offer every kind of safety training that a business needs.

Beyond all of that, my team really enjoys having Thompson Safety on-site and so do I. Thompson Safety is an outstanding organization to partner with to take care of all your safety program needs."

Jeffrey Stockhausen, Veritiv Corporation, Aurora, Illinois

Leam Drilling

“SafetyWorks First Aid program put my mind at more surprises or invoices a mile long. I know we are in compliance, and have the right products to keep our employees safe and productive, so we can focus on our customers and not being over budget on safety supplies.”

Matt Colerick, Vice President, LEAM Drilling Services

Alltemated Inc

"We are very satisfied with our decision to work with Thompson Safety. Before I switched, my first aid invoices were very expensive and hard to understand. Now, I know exactly how much the bill will be before my Thompson Safety service representative arrives on site.

On top of first aid, Thompson Safety inspects and maintains my emergency eyewash stations and fire extinguishers. They do everything in one visit and put it all on one, transparent invoice. After each visit, their service representative takes time to talk with me and walk me through the services they performed-no more mystery charges like I had with my old supplier.

The Thompson Safety team is always professional and polite whenever I call with questions or requests. They understand that sometimes you need something now. Overall, I've been pleasantly surprised by how on-point Thompson Safety has been.

I'd highly recommend Thompson Safety to anyone in need of a dependable and trustworthy safety supplier."

Eric Theile, Alltemated, Inc.

National Oilwell Varco

Just wanted to pass on my thoughts regarding the outstanding service I have received from Thompson Safety. Jake is doing a tremendous job; our eyewash stations and first aid cabinets look great and are always ready for use. My employees love the meds and the Allsport popsicles! Also, my total spend is down 50% each month using the SafetyWorks fixed pricing program!

As you know, prior to switching we were using [Large Competitor] for years, I thought I was in good hands seeing as we had aggressive National Account pricing. I have since realized making the switch was the best move for my budget, and more importantly my employees, thank you!!!

Shadwyn Henry, NOV Inc.

Kloeckner Metals

Wendy, and her team at Thompson Safety have done an incredible job of helping our DFW location manage our costs and supplies as it relates to first aid, eyewash stations, and other occupational medical needs.

As of now we are projecting about a $2,500 per year cost savings, but also the content inside the first aid kits are exactly what we need. In the past, we would have numerous items stored and charged to our account, however they were nearly expired which resulted in unnecessary costs.

Isacc Moss, Kloeckner Metals

AmSpec Group

As you know, we were using [Large Competitor]' itemized approach, and despite our best efforts this led to very large first aid spend every time our cabinets were "serviced." Multiple boxes of the same thing, 8 pairs of tweezers, etc.

Since switching to Thompson Safety not only have we seen a significant reduction in spend, but no longer have to spend time parsing through every invoice!

It's also been very convenient having one rep who handles our AED's, eyewash, and first aid. We are very happy with out decision to switch to Thompson Safety!

John Rivera, AmSpec Group

Slack & Company Contracting, Inc.

Thompson Safety has been a tremendous help to my team here at Slack & Co. With vendors in the past, it was always a worry that they would be charging for things that we don’t need or want. Thompson Safety’s invoices and customer service have completely eliminated that concern.

Whether its first aid or PPE, it all comes straight to my email on one invoice and there are never any hidden fees or service charges. One of the first things I noticed when working with them was that they are genuinely proud of their work and stand behind it. Its clear that they value their customers, and I can tell my business is appreciated.

Its always a pleasure when Ethan rolls onto our site in that big blue and white van. He is extremely knowledgeable, polite, and an all-around good guy. I’m proud to work with Thompson Safety.

Terry Buza, Slack & Company

WT Byler Co.

Before I started doing business with Thompson Safety, I spent half of each day making sure my team had all the PPE they need to get their job done. Now my PPE program is 100% hands-off thanks to Thompson Safety. Ethan, my Thompson Safety service rep, manages the whole thing from top-to-bottom including inventory counts and 24/7 support. When I need something right now, I know Thompson Safety has my back.

They supply us everything from logo’d hi-viz vests and impact gloves, to fall protection and several specialty items. One time, I really needed an emergency rescue basket, and I couldn’t find one anywhere. My Thompson Safety service rep, Ethan, not only got one for me, but he had it for me in 2 hours!

It’s been a weight off of my shoulders knowing that I have a partner in safety that is proactive when it comes to making sure WT Byler Co is safe, compliant, and within budget. I can’t recommend these guys enough.

Chris Cook, WT Byler Co.

Gulf Stream Marine

"We really appreciate you guys and the high level of commitment to taking care of our needs quickly and accurately. The high level of communication is excellent as well. Keep up the great work!"

Steven Gann - Gulf Stream Marine