Safety Works. Business Thrives.

Safety Works. Business Thrives.

RELEASE AUGUST 2021: Thompson Safety announces the launch of their new tagline: Safety Works. Business Thrives.™

Since 2018 Thompson Safety has provided safety services to thousands of businesses across the United States. Our vision has always been to apply today’s technology with best-in-class services at affordable prices. While we believe we have done a good job over the years telling customers WHAT we do and HOW we can help improve their safety programs, we have fallen short in explaining WHY we do what we do. To help fill this gap, we are excited to launch our new tagline: Safety Works. Business Thrives.™

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“The launch of our new tagline is an important step in helping continue build our brand. In effect, this tagline will serve two core purposes. The first will guide our business decision making processes serving as a true north to ensure that the choices we make are living up to this ideal. The second serves as a promissory note to our customers. We fundamentally exist to be an extension of their safety program so their people and thus their business can thrive.”

Michael Galland, Cofounder & Vice President of Marketing


We understand that workers are the backbone of any organization. We believe when we are at our best, we help enable workers to do their job safely and productively. We believe in sending people home in the same way they came in. We know when companies create a safe working environment, employees perform better, are more satisfied and filled with self-worth, and can do their jobs more effectively. They are happier at home, a stronger contributor at work and can positively impact the communities they live.


We also know that businesses rely on workers to deliver value for their customers. Our mission is to help business prosper by making their safety programs effortless to manage, easy for their employees to adopt and always within budget. We satisfy compliance, not because it’s law, but because it’s right for workers and, as a result, better for the overall business.

It is the crossroad between the employee and the business that gets us out of bed every morning. They motivate our actions, our decisions, and will be the roadmap of our future growth. We believe that when safety programs work, business can thrive.

Safety Works. Business Thrives.™

Just as you rely on your workers, you can rely on us to help deliver first aid and safety programs that are more efficient, more affordable and ultimately keep your workers safe.