Fire Extinguisher Services

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The proper functioning of your fire extinguishers during an emergency is a crucial aspect of your safety program. Our monthly service helps you ensure compliance with NFPA 10 regulations, freeing up your valuable time to concentrate on your business operations.

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We provide a comprehensive service that entails both monthly visual inspections and annual functional inspections. This way, you can be assured that your fire extinguisher will work effectively when it's needed the most. Our billing and reporting process is designed with simplicity in mind making it easier for you to understand your invoicing and budget.

How The Service Works

  • Facility Walkthrough: onsite assessment to determine the number of fire extinguishers required based on the square footage and specific hazards.
  • Product Selection: selecting the appropriate type of extinguisher and placement
  • Inspections: based on the facility walkthrough we determine the appropriate service/maintenance program to continue or bring your equipment up to code.
  • Service Interval: establish the appropriate service frequency, which will depend on the specific equipment being maintained and local requirements.
  • Documentation: provide thorough documentation of all services performed, notations and deficiencies, in written or digital formats.
  • Invoicing: multiple payment and billing options for your convenience.
  • Ongoing support: 24/7 customer service and account access

Fire Extinguisher Requirements

Depending on your business type and the hazards in your workplace your requirements may change. When starting your fire extinguisher program its important to consult and review information from the following:

  • Local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)

What is NFPA 10?

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is the regulatory body that governs fire protection. NFPA 10 is the regulation specifically for fire extinguishers. In the United States, most extinguishers require monthly checks as well as annual inspections (at a minimum) however, it is important to consult with the local AHJ to determine the requirements for your businesses extinguishers.

Are My Extinguishers Compliant?

While the average extinguisher is a relatively simple device ensuring it meets NFPA 10 can be complex. Below are some of the requirements outlined in NFPA 10 you should consider when implementing a fire program. While this list represents some of the most popular requirements, it is not a complete representation of the standard. It is important to consult the standard, your service provider and most importantly your local AHJ.

  • Monthly visual inspections
  • Annual functional inspections
  • Extinguisher location
  • Signed/written documentation
  • Internal maintenance
  • Hydrostatic testing

OSHA/29 CFR 1910.157?

29 CFR 1910.157 outlines the rules and requirements for location, type, use, maintenance, and testing of portable fire extinguishers in the workplace. CFR 29 1910.151 (e. 1-2) states:

“The employer shall be responsible for the inspection, maintenance and testing of all portable fire extinguishers in the workplace."

"Portable extinguishers or hose used in lieu thereof under paragraph (d)(3) of this section shall be visually inspected monthly.”

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