Why End-Of-Year Training Works

Why End-Of-Year Training Works

Providing your employees with high-quality training is one of the best things you can do to help mitigate safety risks in your workplace. Training on your business’s hazards and risks will provide practical tools, knowledge, and skills to create a safer and happier workplace.

While proper safety training is nothing new, finding the time and resources to conduct regular training is much easier said than done. The holiday season provides a unique opportunity for safety professionals to get ahead on critical safety training. Here’s how:

Winter Safety Connect Training

Slow time of the year for many businesses

As the holiday season approaches, people shift their focus towards vacations, family, and time off. While many businesses (particularly retail) speed up during the holidays, many industrial businesses can see a slowdown. And while supervisors might be hesitant to pull workers out for training during a busy time of the year, the slower holiday season could provide a great time to get ahead or caught up on training.

Getting a head start on next year

As regulations and business demands expand, many safety professionals constantly feel behind, especially regarding training. By making a big push to get a large portion of training done at the end of the year, you can start the new year fresh and eliminate some of the stress from constantly playing catch-up. This is a critical time to get training done, especially for businesses who ramp up their production going into the spring and summer months.

The weather outside is…

For many employers, the holidays season brings unpredictable weather. This can lead to lower productivity or even days where the office is shut down completely. Using a rainy or snowy day to knock out safety training, either virtually or in person, can be a great opportunity to keep your team productive. Snow days are a great day to utilize online training when employees can’t come into work.

Clearing budget

For many organizations, the fiscal year resets around the holidays. At times, this comes with a 'Use It or Lose It' budgeting approach. Unfortunately, if you don't use all your budget, the excess disappears, and next year's budget is also likely to shrink. Utilizing these funds for training allows you to use any excess budget while protecting against future budget cuts.

Getting all certifications on one schedule

Many training courses have an expiration date, and when you sprinkle training throughout the year, tracking and re-training those employees while managing recordkeeping becomes a challenge. However, when you can sync all your training towards the end of the year, those obstacles and headaches start to disappear. Holiday shopping is stressful enough… managing training should be simple!

We are here to help

Training can be challenging, especially for larger organizations that have hundreds of employees with unique training needs spread out over multiple states and facilities. We simplify the process by offering a diverse selection of professional and engaging online and instructor-led courses. With our blended approach to training, your business stays compliant, and your employees get the skills and knowledge they need to stay safe. We think the holiday time is a great time to get ahead of the game for the new year. Give us a call and let us provide world class training to keep your team safe.

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