Crane Safety to Rebrand to Thompson Safety

Crane Safety to Rebrand to Thompson Safety

RELEASE AUGUST 2021: We are excited to announce Crane Safety will be rebranding the company to Thompson Safety in the coming weeks.

We are also happy to announce we are launching our new tagline, “Safety Works. Business Thrives.™” (Click here for more information)

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The Crane Group of Companies has been instrumental in growing Crane Safety during the first years of the business, we believe a name change and a full business separation will enable us to operate 100% autonomously. This in turn will make it easier to respond to our customers’ needs as well as go faster to improve our day-to-day business operations for our clients. Crane will forever remain an important part of our history and future, and we are excited to continue to grow our business.

Some of the improvements our customers can expect to see in the coming months:

  • • Adoption of new customer-centric service technologies
  • • Separation and independence of IT infrastructure
  • • Updated branding
  • • Streamlined management structure
  • • Separate and independent facility operations
  • • Updated HR and G&A functions

“We are grateful for all of the support the Crane Family of companies has provided over the years. We would not be in the position we are today without them, and we are extremely excited for what the future holds. When we launched this business, we had a collective vision of disrupting the industry through better service, adopting today’s tech, and a having customer-centric attitude. We believe our thousands of customers would agree that we strive every day to live up to that mission. We also believe these changes will allow us to continue to provide our customers with great service.”

Tommy Thompson, Founder & CEO

We anticipate these changes to take place over the next several months and are committed to zero service disruption during that time for our customers. Finally, we are excited to announce we are expanding our footprint and launching our San Antonio, TX office in the coming weeks as well as additional cities toward the end of 2021 and into 2022 (Click here for more information).

We are excited to continue our journey and would like to thank all our customers for their support.

Safety Works. Business Thrives.™