New ANSI First Aid Kit Requirements

New ANSI First Aid Kit Requirements

New ANSI First Aid Kit Requirements Go Into Effect on October 15th

HOUSTON, Texas, August 31st, 2022 — The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which OSHA cites as guidance for minimum first aid kit requirements, has recently revised the workplace first aid kit standard Z308.1. This update, the first since 2015, includes several mandatory additions to new and existing kits and will impact millions of organizations across the United States.

2022 ANSI Update

"Tackling these new first aid kit requirements are a top priority for us," said Richard Stoffle, Vice President of Operations at Thompson Safety. "Starting in September of 2022 our teams will be updating the thousands of kits we have in circulation to meet or exceed what is laid out in this 2021 update.”

The American National Standards Institute, referred to as ANSI, is a private, non-profit organization that supports standards development in the United States. ANSI collaborates with industry and government stakeholders to identify gaps in current standards, perform assessments, and recommend improvements that affect national and global safety policy and practices. Their standard recommendations are updated every few years with the aim to standardize policy, increase safety, and raise consumer confidence.

New Requirements

  • Foil blanket - min size 52 x 84"
  • Tourniquet - min size 1.5" wide

New Recommendations

  • Assorted bandages (fingertip, knuckle, dot, etc.)
  • Splinter remover
  • Seasonal first aid supplies

New Appendices

  • Bleeding control kits
  • Ongoing maintenance for first aid kits
  • Quantity/location for first aid kits
  • Workplace hazard assesment

Some of the changes to first aid kits include additional requirements for tourniquets. The potentially life-saving tool that prevents blood loss should now be at least 1.5 inches wide, made of higher quality material and fit larger limbs. Having a larger and higher quality tourniquet provides more versatility to emergency responders and offers the potential to save more lives

Mylar blankets, also known as emergency blankets, have also been added to the mandatory list. These lightweight blankets are made from thin, heat-reflective plastic sheeting and can be used in many ways when responding to emergencies—like reducing heat loss and treating those dealing with shock. First aid kits will now also include a more robust first aid guide reflecting the updated standard.

"These changes make a lot of sense," said Richard Stoffle, "Expanding the requirement to include tourniquets and mylar blankets will allow our clients to react to an even wider range of workplace injuries. The focus on bleed control in this update is a welcomed addition, as the category is growing in popularity amongst businesses.”

Thompson Safety will be updating all their customers first aid kits to comply with the new standard starting on September 1st, 2022. If you have questions or would like more information regarding this update, please email: [email protected].

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