Workplace Violence (Active Assailant)

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Workplace violence can happen when and where you least expect it. That is why training is critical for understanding early warning signs and the appropriate response options for your team. This course offers this information and more to help you stay ready for an active assailant in your workplace.

Workplace Violence Training

Course Overview

  • Definition of workplace violence
  • Early warning signs of impending violence
  • Indicators of domestic violence at work
  • Behaviors of concern
  • Response options
  • Calm a heated interaction
  • Interaction with law enforcement
  • Recognize roadblocks to reporting

Course Details

Course Duration: 1.5 Hours

Delivery: In-person (certain markets), Online

Class Size: 10-20

Content Provider: Center for Personal Protection and Safety

Did you know?

The path toward violence is almost always a progression with warning signs all along the way. Being able to recognize the sometimes subtle, but important, indicators that point to the possibility that violence could be brewing in your workplace could make all the difference.

Additional Materials

  • Early indicators of impending extreme violence
  • How crisis response differs for trained and untrained persons
  • The extreme danger gap that bridges the onset of violence and arrival of law enforcement
  • Critical role of a first responder during an extreme violence event