Emergency Preparedness/Planning (General Industry)

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Designing a plan for your business and practicing the plan with your people is critical to saving lives, especially during the the chaos of an emergency. This course helps give you the fundamental training you need to design Emergency Action Plans (EAP) and Fire Prevention Plans (FPP). This course also provides a variety of other tools that will help you design a plans that works for your business and your staff.

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Course Overview

  • Exit/egress mapping
  • Emergency Action Plans (EAP)
  • Fire Prevention Plans (FPP)
  • Coverage/Design/Safeguards
  • Fire extinguisher placement
  • Exit lighting
  • Evacuation planning matrix

Course Details

Course Duration: 1 Hour

Delivery: Online

Class Size: Unlimited $40/seat

Content Provider: Click Safety

Did you know?

Per CFR 1910.38b; An emergency action plan must be in writing, kept in the workplace, and available to employees for review.

Additional Materials

  • Know how to create a prevention plan and build around your business hazards
  • Learn how to implement fire exit safety protocols and requirements
  • Know where to obtain resources for workplace emergency responses
  • Learn route capacity and create a evacuation planning matrix