South Florida Eyewash Inspections

Thompson Safety offers portable and plumbed eyewash services to help keep your equipment clean, and ready to use in the event of an eye injury.

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South Florida - Eyewash Inspections

Your business likely has an eyewash station, but when was the last time you flushed it?

We get it. Eyewash stations are a critical piece of nearly every safety program but without proper cleaning, maintenance and service they can cause more harm than good. That’s where we can help…

Thompson Safety — South Florida - Eyewash Inspections

  • Counties Serviced: Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County.
  • Phone: 877.506.4291
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 3620 Park Central Boulevard, Suite 3620, Pompano Beach, Florida 33064

Trust Thompson Safety with your monthly visual inspections and quarterly flushes. Depending on the type of station and your environment, requirements may change. Our inspections help your business meet the relevant ANSI, OSHA and manufacturer standards for service.

Eyewash Station Service Landscape

How The Service Works

  • Onsite assessment: determine the hazards and number of stations needed
  • Product selection: choose the type of station that fits best
  • Monthly service: inspect expiration dates, clean stations, flush or replenish eyewash station water, add antimicrobial solution when needed
  • Documentation: written and digital service documentation
  • Invoicing: Multiple payment and billing options
  • Ongoing support: 24/7 customer service and account access