Fall Protection

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Fall protection programs should include proper fall arresting equipment, accessories, PPE as well as training. Thompson Safety offers a complete line of fall protection equipment built for the workplace and with your employees safety in mind.

Equipment & Accessories

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The most common injury in the workplace, according to OSHA, are falls from height. These injuries can result in lost time, serious injury, hospitalization and even death. Comprehensive fall programs often include equipment, inspections, PPE as well as ongoing training.

Fall harness: is critical when working from heights. We offer a variety of sizes, brands, types and we even can help you with conducting regularly schedule inspections.

Lanyard: this is a critical piece of equipment connecting the harness to the anchor point. We offer a variety of lanyards from standard and self retracting lanyards to fall limiters and more.

D-ring: commonly overlook there are a number of different D-rings that support varying weight levels and movement requirements. Ensuring you have the proper harness, lanyard and d-ring is critical when assembling your fall protection equipment.

Accessories: we sell a variety of fall protection accessories to help you complete your fall program. From tool and glove leashes to hard hat straps we offer dozens of accessories to help you complete your fall protection kit.

Training: is one of the only preventative measures an employer can take in terms to fall prevention. Proper and ongoing training can help prevent future injuries and mistakes.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): not all PPE is build for working from elevation. When working from heights it is important to consider if what you are wearing is truly protecting you. Does it fall off easy? Does it infringe movement? Does it provide increased/decreased grip?