Hearing Protection

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A complete hearing protection program should involve testing, training as well as earplugs & earmuffs fitted for the user. Thompson Safety offers a comprehensive line of hearing protection products built with the workplace and your employees in mind.

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Types of Hearing Protection

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Disposable: these earplugs are the most commonly used and are extremely affordable. Often made from PVC or foam these plugs form fit to the inside of your ear canal.

Reusable: these earplugs are used in environments where the noise hazards fluctuate frequently. These plugs can often be cleaned and reused over a longer period of time.

Earmuffs: this type of hearing protection is build for more extreme noise hazards or when an employee are sensitive to wearing standard plugs. These come in various types and price ranges and are, generally, a great durable alternative to earplugs.

Active: ear protection works to reduce or even cancel damaging decibel levels while simultaneously allowing lower decibel noise, this makes conversations between users possible without increasing the safety risk.