Safety Apparel

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Safety apparel is the most broad category of personal protective equipment. From flame resistant garments to disposable coveralls and vests Thompson Safety offers a complete line of safety apparel built for the workplace and with your employees safety and comfort in mind.

Safety Apparel

Having safety apparel built for your workplace hazards is critical component to any safety program. All of our apparel is built with comfort, fit, style and safety in mind. Our complete line of safety apparel can help you protect your employees from high heat, cold whether, low visibility, cross-contamination and much more.

Disposable apparel: is often used in environments where cleanliness is essential. Industrial cooking and laboratory work often requires disposable garments to help ensure their is no cross-contamination of the product or process. Popular products include; hair nets, shoe & beard covers, disposable coveralls, & masks.

Coveralls: can come in a variety of forms built for different hazards. These products are meant to protect the wearer's body from workplace hazards and are almost always complemented with additional PPE. Popular types include; disposable, flame resistant, denim, cotton & synthetic.

Vests: are essential in helping ensure your employees are seen by not only see each other but allow pedestrians and others to see them as well. They come in a variety of types, colors, ANSI classifications and can even be customized with a logo. Common industries; warehousing, constructions, traffic, law enforcement & manufacturing.

Jackets: are essential when working in cold or inclement weather. Our selection ranges from the top-of-the-line to economy jackets offering a variety of different types, colors, brands and can even be customized with logos.

Flame resistance: when working around open flame or where there is an arch flash hazard you want to consider FR garments as a part of your safety program. Always complemented with proper PPE these garments are built to help keep your employees safe from various types of FR hazards. Consult with your safety team to determine if FR garments are right for you.

Aprons: come in a variety of types, materials and styles. Aprons are almost always used with other forms of PPE to protect and keep clean the wearer's chest and torso.