Tapes, Wraps & Gauze

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It is a requirement by OSHA that every first aid cabinet in your facility has tapes, wraps and gauze. Making these products readily available will help you better respond to a workplace injuries.

Types of Tape

We carry a variety of different tapes with varying levels of adhesion, fabric types and sizes to help you stay prepared for a variety of injuries.

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  • Waterproof: used in damp or hot work environments, like kitchens and job sites, and is well suited to deflect sweat and other liquids.
  • First Aid:used to hold gauze or other bandage types, the easy to tear sub-straight makes it ideal for application during an injury.
  • Medical Tape: used in medical emergencies this tape is extremely durable and is ideal when an open wound is present.
  • Industrial: these types of tape are for generic use and come in a variety of colors and types.

Types of Wrap

From athletic to compression we carry an array of the most popular types of wraps to help you respond appropriately to a workplace or job site injury.

Elastic Wrap Bandage
  • Self-Adherent: generally, a compression type that sticks to itself and is good for minimizing adhesion to hair or skin.
  • Compression: often made with elastic properties these can be wrapped around gauze or joints to provide support.
  • Elastic: these are held in place with metal clips and have highly elastic/durable properties great for compressing joints.
  • Athletic: highly adhesive and will stick to skin and hair for comfort and support.
  • Pre-tape: this non-stick type is used often before athletic or other adhesive tape for sensitive applications.

Types of Gauze

Help avoid scaring, infection or further damage by including an ample supply of gauze in your first aid cabinets and trauma bags within your facility.

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  • Stretch: stretching properties make this gauze easy to wrap and apply to varying size injuries.
  • Sterile: contained in a tamper-evident package, these are ideal when applying to an open wound.
  • Non-sterile: this generic type is used for general purposes and not on open wounds.
  • Pads: come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit varying contours of the body.
  • Self-Adherent: generally made with an adhesive material with an island pad, built to keep dirt and debris out.
  • Non-Stick: often used for minor burns these have non-stick properties to minimize pain when removing or replacing.