First Aid Service Overview

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Our comprehensive selection of first aid supplies can help you deal with everything from headaches to workplace injuries. By having the right supplies on hand, you can respond more quickly and effectively.

Servicing First Aid Cabinet 2023

We source all of our products from top manufacturers and ensure they are built to meet industry standards. Don't let a lack of proper first aid supplies leave you unprepared - trust us to provide the products you need to keep your workplace safe and compliant.

First Aid Service

The requirements for first aid service in the workplace can be hard to juggle even for the most experienced safety manager. There are several considerations your business should keep in mind when building your first aid program:

  • Job site hazards: determine hazard types and appropriate PPE and first aid supplies needed
  • CFR 29 1910.151(b): the federal regulation pertaining to first aid in the workplace.
  • ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2015: provides the minimum guidance for workplace first aid programs
  • Food and Drug Administration: provides guidance, particularly, for over-the-counter drugs

Safety Works - First Aid

Monthly first aid cabinet inspections are essential for every business, however, as the number of employees, cabinets and products grow it becomes extremely difficult to manage. That's why we created the Safety Works - first aid service.

Monthly first aid service

Our program provides you with monthly first aid cabinet service and product replenishment at one consistent price. This helps you meet the applicable requirements while also reducing overall spend, giving you the products your need without all the guesswork. Our service includes:

  • Complete replenishment of first aid products, all-inclusive
  • Customized product choice
  • ANSI minimum fill inspection
  • Expiration dates checked
  • Cleaned cabinet and organized product
  • Clear service/ inspection documentation
  • Digital and written documentation