First Aid Instruments

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We offer a broad range of first aid instruments to help you stay prepared for a workplace injury. From scissors to splints we have your instruments covered.

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If you're a safety professional you understand the need for durable first aid instruments build for workplace first aid cabinets, trauma bags and emergency kits. From scissors and splints to cotton applicators, and tweezers we have the products to help you keep your team safe.

Popular Instruments

  • Scissors: from basic scissors to industrial grade scissor built for emergency situations we have the right scissors whether you need them for a cabinet or an EMS kit.
  • Splints: setting an injury quickly can help reduce further injury and increase recovery speed ensuring you have splints on hand is not only good practice but an ANSI requirement.
  • Applicators: these instruments are perfect for hard to reach or sensitive areas. While, generally, these are not required in a first aid cabinet you'll be happy to have them on hand in the event of an injury.
  • Tweezers: from removing dirt and debris from a wound to working in tight area tweezers are a must for any first-responder