Burn Care

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Some of the most common injuries in the workplace come from minor burns. First aid cabinets with the right burn gel, non-stick pads or gel soaked gauze can help you keep your employees safe and can even reduce scarring from a burn.

Burn Care Products

From the kitchen to the factory floor burns small and large are one of the most commonly reported injuries in the workplace. Burn care products tend to be more effective the quicker they are applied, so it is critical that your first aid cabinet is outfitted with the appropriate burn items to respond to your workplace injuries.

Burn Care Mashup
  • Burn Gel: this product is required by OSHA/ANSI and is a general purpose gel to be applied to minor burns.
  • Non-Stick Pads: similar to a normal pad bandages, however, this type is designed not to stick to a wound when removed.
  • Burn Gauze: commonly soaked in burn gel these work to pull the heat from surfaces more quickly reducing the damage done.
  • Blankets/Masks: similar to burn gauze these are designed to conform to the shape of the face or other body parts,
  • Burn Spray: sprays are ideal for applying burn gel while reducing the likelihood of infection or cross-contamination
  • Cooling Spray: commonly made from compressed butane this product works to cool minor surface level irritants.