Eyewash Station Inspections

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Our eyewash station services are designed help you ensure your business is compliant and your stations are prepared for an emergency.

Eyewash Service Inspection

Eyewash Station Inspections

Nearly every industrial company has one or more eyewash stations in their facility. However, with a busy schedule changing out the water in a portable unit or flushing a plumbed unit can easily get overlooked. When building your program it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • Jobsite Hazards: determine workplace hazards and appropriate type of station to meet the danger.
  • Onsite Service: without consistent onsite service your station will quickly become obsolete or cause more harm then good.
  • Location: this is a critical piece as each station should to be within 10 seconds of a given hazard.
  • ANSI Z358.1-2014: the standard that provides the guidance for maintenance and deployment.
  • Manufacturer instructions: these documents will tell you exactly how to service your eyewash device.

Safety Works – Eyewash

The Safety Works - Eyewash service helps businesses track, maintain, service and deploy their eyewash program. From plumbed units to portable stations our monthly service will help you get your stations cleaned, fresh and ready to use. Our services include:

  • New eyewash unit
  • Installation
  • Monthly service checks
  • Quarterly refresh
  • Program Management
  • Digital and written documentation