AED Service Overview

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Having an AED onsite can save a life in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. Let us take the headache out of managing and servicing your onsite defibrillator.

AED Inspection G5 2023

AED Service Overview

Depending on your jurisdiction the requirements for having an AED in your workplace may change. When starting your program there are a few critical components you should consider:

  • Service and Maintenance: regular device checks with proper pad and battery replacement ensure your device is ready to use.
  • Training: it is important to have adequate training so your confident with the added stresses of a live SCA event.
  • Device Type: while different devices have different features it is important to buy an AED with those advantages most valuable to your organization.
  • Prescription: most jurisdictions require your business to have a written prescription before deploying an AED program
  • Program Management: this covers a variety of necessary items like ems notifications and AED protocols.

Safety Works - AED

While having an AED is a critical first step for every business having regularly scheduled service can mean the difference between an outdated device and saving a life. The CraneSAFE - AED service takes the burden off you by providing complete oversight over your AED program... all for one low monthly fee.

Monthly AED Service

Our monthly AED service provides oversight of your AED program from delivery and installation of a new device through ongoing service, device maintenance and program management.

  • New AED of your choice
  • Monthly device checks
  • Program Management
  • Prescription
  • Replacement pads and batteries
  • AED cabinet and installation
  • Digital and written documentation