Technology & Resources

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Thompson Safety takes pride in expectational customer service by not only having a great service team but also by utilizing today's technology. Our industry leading service technology allow us to deliver programs and resources that make doing business with us easy.

From online bill pay to our AED management portal we are constantly adopting technologies, adding resources and developing tools to help you get the job done. Here are a few of our popular resources and programs:

Digital Ordering "Click-to-Order"

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Our Click-to-Order program is one of our most popular resources for customers with multiple or even remote sites. This program helps your team keep their first aid cabinets and safety supplies stocked even in the hardest to reach locations. Our program gives you a custom website that allows you to order your approved products quickly. Simply... Scan, Visit, Order and we Ship. It is as easy as that. Click Here to check out an example.

Images on Invoices

Image on invoice

We are proud to be the only supplier in the industry to offer time-of-service image documentation on our invoices. By adding images to your invoice we act as another set of eyes in your facility making sure your aware of critical updates each time we are onsite.

  • After installation is complete
  • Before and after service visit
  • Non-conforming equipment
  • Proof of service/ time-stamped
  • Safety concerns and other hazards
  • Accountability of the service team
  • Expiration dates
  • Product usage/replenishment volume

Online Bill Pay

Online Payment Portal

Our online portal helps you quickly and efficiently pay your outstanding invoices. You can pay one-time or directly link to your account and auto-pay based on your company's payment terms. Sign up now CLICK HERE

Safety Works AED Portal

AED Thompson Safety Portal Login

Our AED Management portal makes managing your fleet of defibrillators easier than ever. From EMS notifications and easy-to-use reports to tracking your pad and battery expiration dates our solution saves your time and helps you keep your program in compliance. CLICK HERE to login or call for a demo.

  • • Digital documentation of your AED inspections
  • • AED Serial Numbers, Pad & Battery Expirations
  • • Storage for protocols, prescriptions, applicable state laws
  • • Easy-to-use dashboards, compliance reporting
  • • Automated email reminders and updates
  • • Medical direction and physician oversight
  • • Permissions based access
  • • Inspection procedures based on your device
  • • Compatible with any device on the market

Digital Signature

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Our invoices include time stamped, digital signatures with each invoice which can be conveniently emailed or sent via text to your phone. Our digital signature technology helps you stay confident that you are getting the service you signed up for.